A former cast member of the reality show “The Bad Girls Club” and model in multiple Kanye West “Yeezy” campaigns, has been arrested for allegedly stealing a dead man’s debit card and racking up tens of thousands of dollars in charges.

People Magazine (@people) reported, 24-year old Shannade Clermont has been charged with wire fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft. Clermont is facing some serious charges and her case is being tried in federal court. Clermont is currently free on a $100,000 bail.

Clermont allegedly met up with the victim for a “prostitution date” that was negotiated between both parties for a $400 fee. During their time together, Clermont allegedly lifted two of the man’s debit cards from his wallet. The man was found dead in his Manhattan apartment the day after his date with Clermont from an apparent drug overdose. It’s not clear if the man died before or after Clermont left his apartment, but his death has not been ruled suspicious and Clermont has not been charged with any crimes related to his death.

Clermont racked up over $20,000 worth of charges on the debit cards. Her expenditures included airline tickets, online clothing shopping, and paying her rent and cell phone bills. Clermont also reportedly opened an email account in the deceased card holder’s name. She used that email account to open a Western Union account that she used to send money from the card holder’s account directly to her.

Prosecutors say they have text messages between Clermont and the victim in which they arranged the price. Clermont is half of “The Clermont Twins” of Instagram fame. The pair have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and post their lavish lifestyles to their accounts. Shannade Clermont is facing a total of 35-years in prison if found guilty of all charges.




Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced indictments against 12 Russian Intelligence officers on Friday afternoon. The revelation that those charged in the indictment were Russian intelligence officers suggest that the group’s orders came directly from the top. The indictments come days before Trump is scheduled to meet with Russia President Vladimir Putin.

ABC News (@ABC) reports, the 12 Russian Intelligence Officers, all members of the Russian government’s official intelligence agency, GRU, are suspected of carrying on a sustained campaign to hack the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

The GRU allegedly began a “spearphishing” campaign in 2016 against volunteers and employees of the Hilary Clinton campaign. The spearphishing campaign by the GRU allowed them access to the DNC servers and networks, which they used to steal emails, documents, and also covertly monitor the activity on the compromised computers and employees. The spearphishing campaign also allowed GRU to implant malicious files and steal passwords and maintain access to the networks.

Some of the stolen emails were then made public by GRU posing as online personas “Gucifer 2.0” and “DCLeaks.” GRU also passed the stolen emails along to an unnamed third party online source in an effort to undermine the Clinton campaign. A source close to the Trump campaign is alleged to have been in direct contact with the third party and Gucifer 2.0.

In the press conference, Rosenstein stated that no Americans have been named in this indictment against the Russian Intelligence officers. The Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election is still ongoing.


Papa John’s just can’t seem to get out of their own way can they? In this latest episode of “As The Company Crumbles”, Papa John’s founder and chairman John Schnatter is accused of using the n-word during a conference call back in May.

According to Forbes Magazine (@Forbes), the call was reportedly between Papa John’s top brass and an outside marketing agency as they were ironically discussing how to fix their image after the scandal with the NFL. In that scandal, Papa John’s reportedly blamed the NFL’s player protest for their horrible 1st quarter sales. After Schnatter’s comments, the company was cheered and backed by numerous alt-right groups who latch on to racism, or suspected racism, wherever they can find it. Papa John’s was subsequently released from their contract with the NFL, who immediately named Papa John’s #1 competitor, Pizza Hut, the new official pizza of the NFL, leaving Papa J’s to watch the game (and money) from the sidelines with no major sports endorser.

“Colonel Sanders called blacks n*****s”, were a few of the words that came fumbling out of Schnatter’s mouth during the conference call, before he went on to add how African-Americans were dragged by trucks until they died back in his home state of Indiana when he was growing up. Landry Service, the marketing company Papa John’s had hired to clean up their NFL mess, and who were also on the conference call when Schnatter went on his rant, reportedly terminated their contract with Papa John’s immediately.

Of course Papa John’s came out with a statement about how they condemn racism and insensitive language and blah blah blah. But the damage had already been done. Papa John’s stock prices took a hit this morning as the stock dipped down to around $47/share before late afternoon gains that brought the stock back up to around $49. Before this news was released, Papa Johns was trading comfortably above $50. Before the NFL debacle, Papa John’s was trading in the $70’s and $80’s.



Four of the twelve boys soccer team and coach trapped in a cave in Thailand have been rescued. Rescuers said the four boys are in good health. That’s the good news. The bad news for the kids who have been trapped in the cave for over a week, is that the rescue mission has been paused for at least 10 hours according to rescuers. The pause in the mission is due to air tanks needing to be replaced.

BBC News World (@BBCWorld) reports, according to Chiang Rai Governor, Narongsak Osottanakorn, the next phase of the rescue will begin on Monday morning, after relaying all of the air tanks and all systems along the way.

A team of 90 divers have been working to navigate the waters surrounding the cave. The process includes wading, climbing, and diving…all in complete darkness. All of which is done along guide ropes already put in place. Each boy is being accompanied by two divers who will carry the kids’ air supply. The journey from the cave to the surface is a treacherous one even for the most experienced adult divers. For inexperienced kids, that journey will be even more treacherous. A former Thai Navy Seal perished earlier this week when he lost consciousness during a rescue attempt.

The 12 boys on the soccer team are all between the ages of 11-17. The one adult, assistant coach, Ekapol Chantawong is 25 years old.