As crazy as that may sound, the answer is yes. TMZ (@tmz) reported yesterday that 50 Cent is being sued by photographer Christopher Pasatieri for posting the unlicensed photos on Instagram. Pasatatieri took the photos during a G-UNIT reunion concert back in 2014. Pasatieri says that he took photos of 50 Cent and G-unit during the show, and that 50 wasn’t allowed to post the photos on social media. Pasatieri has reportedly taken pictures for 50 Cent before. Some of the pics are being used to sell 50’s merchandise.



The photo in question was posted when 50 was promoting his SMS brand headphones along with his two television shows.(STARZ’s POWER & BET’S 50 CENTRAL) 50 Cent wasn’t the only one named in the lawsuit. The other members of G-Unit(Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks) are also named in the suit. It’s not clear how much Pasateiri is suing for. How the old song go? More Money More Problems. I guess this is another case of more money bringing more problems. When folks think you have money, everybody is looking to get a little piece for themselves…..by any means necessary.


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