Comedian Ralphie May died today after suffering cardiac arrest. May was 45 years-old. In 2003 May was chosen to participate in the first season of Last Man Standing, acomedy competition that showcases up and coming comedians. Mat finished second in the competition that  fellow comedian Dat Phan went on to win. After the 2nd place finish, May made appearances on television shows like The Wayne Brady Show and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. In 2005 he appeared in The Big Black Comedy Show. May was the only white comedian, which featured fellow comedians Monique, Rodman, and Vince Morris. In 2005 May released his comedy album titled Just Correct. Since then, May had recorded four Comedy Central specials. Girth Of A Nation (2006), Prime Cut (2007), Austn-tatious (2008), and Too Big To Ignore (2012). May also made two Netflix specials, Unruly (2015) and Imperfectly Yours (2015). May appeared in the movie For Da Love Of Money.  (2002) He also performed at the Gathering Of The Juggalos (2012). Ralphie May was one of the most frequently employed comedians that you’ve probably never heard of. R.I.P Ralphie May (2/17/1972 – 10/6/2017)


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