Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna bullied an ex of hers to the point they drove the man to nearly kill himself after he was outed as being gay…. according to a lawsuit filed by Chyna’s ex, Pilot Jones.



TMZ (@tmz) reported on Friday that Jones is suing Rob and Chyna for defamation and cyber-bullying after he says they blamed him for selling the picture that showed him making out with Chyna. The former couple then went on to expose Jones as gay, and release his contact information to the public. The lawsuit claims, Jones was then bombarded with harassment and terroristic threats.



In documents reportedly obtained by TMZ, Jones says he denied being Blac Chyna’s daughter’s father when contacted by an outlet about the photo of him and Chyna making out. Jones also said he was not the person who released the photo. Jones said the threats against him were reported back in 2016.



Jones said things got even worse when Chyna and Rob allegedly released his cell phone number and email address. Jones claims to have started receiving threats such as:


“You’re a fuckin’ snake for doing that to Rob and Chyna and today will be the last day of you walking bitch!”



Jones claims the threats destroyed his self-esteem and he lost all hope of restoring his respect with his children. Jones added that he attempted suicide. Jones is suing for unspecified damages.


chyna pilot jones


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