The Philadelphia 76ers and star center Joel Embiid have agreed on a 5 year $148 million extension. The extension is a rookie scale maximum contract extension. The 76ers first round draft pick (3rd overall) in 2014, played in only 31 regular season games for the 76ers last season. While 31 games was less than half of the season, Embiid was impressive when he was on the floor, averaging 20.2 points per game and 7.8 rebounds per. Embiid has frequently been injured in his NBA career and has not seen any preseason action so far this year. The 76ers have been super cautious with Embiid ever since an injury caused him to miss almost two full seasons, so I doubt if he will see any game-time action at all this pre-season. The 31 games Embiid played in last year showed, the big man has a huge upside. The only question is can he stay healthy long enough to be a factor?


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