Hey America, doesn’t it feel great to know that we have a president who is really locked in and focused on the really important issues facing this Country. Who needs to worry about a jobs report that came out last week showing that the economy has taken a dip for the first time in the last seven (7) years? Who needs to worry about a presidential cabinet who is spending taxpayer money for flights on private jets at an alarming rate? Who needs to worry about more and more evidence coming out daily that Russia actually did tamper in the United States 2016 presidential election by way of every major social networking site out there? Who needs to worry about the threat of an unstable president goading an unstable North Korean regime into war? Who needs to worry about a United States Republican Senator calling the President of the United States a danger and a threat to start World War 3? According to the president of the United States, what we should be worried about is ESPN’s “THE SIX” co-anchor Jemele Hill and ESPN’s slipping ratings. Oh yeah, and a book one of the president’s friends just published, which is surely another self-aggrandizing ode to the “Great Orange One.” These are the issues that weigh heavily on the president of the United States’ mind when he goes to sleep at night, and when he wakes in the morning, as evidenced by his daily morning rants from the “Presidential Golden Shitter” in the bathroom of the White House. Once again the President Of The United States is selling nonsense, confusion, and distraction to his hard-core fan base. And guess what? They’ll buy it.






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