After a statement by Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones about benching players who “disrespects the flag” by not standing during the National Anthem, a Dallas union has filed charges against the billionaire claiming he is in violation of The National Labor Relations Act.



The Houston Chronicle (@HoustonChron) reports that local 100 United Labor Unions filed an 8a1 and 8a3 charge with the Fort Worth regional office of The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) claiming Jones is attempting to coerce, intimidate or threaten workers for their ‘concerted activity’, the union wrote on it’s website Wednesday.



“Recently Jones has done this repeatedly and publicly in threatening to fire any workers involved in such activity. It has been established by National Football League statements and rules that there is no condition of work that requires players to stand during the Anthem.” The union added “Jones, through his efforts to bully his playing workforce is attempting to unilaterally establish a previously non-existent condition of work.”


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