Actress Rose Mcgowan took to Instagram last night to say that her Twitter account had been temporarily suspended after she sent out a series of posts Tweeting about Harvey Wenstein’s actions toward women, including herself.



The New York Times (@nytimes) reports that Mcgowan said that she was sent a message by Twitter after the Tweets, that said “her account would be permanently deleted if she didn’t delete the Tweets that violated Twitter’s rules. Mcgowan posted a screenshot of the message from Twitter on her Instagram page. The message announced that her Twitter account was temporarily frozen. The temporary freeze prevents Mcgowan from Tweeting, retweeting, or liking any post for 12 hours. Twitter later released a statement saying that Ms. Mcgowan’s Tweets violate their policy because one of them includes a phone number. The suspension caused outrage among Twitter users. The suspension comes a day after Mcgowan called actor Ben Affleck a liar, after Affleck Tweeted that the accusations against Harvey Weinstein made him sick. Mcgowan hinted that Affleck and others in Hollywood knew of Weinstein’s actions towards women for years, but never stepped forward to say anything about it until now. The recent list of women coming forward to say Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted or sexually harassed them continues to grow by the day. Today actress Kate Beckinsale came forward to say that Weinstein sexually harassed her when she was only 17 years-old.


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