In what’s beginning to be like a tired old soap-opera, there is new news on the Ezekiel Elliott front. ESPN (@espn) is reporting that Ezekiel Elliott will be eligible to play this weekend. A federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order blocking the league’s suspension, making Elliott eligible to play in Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. The new ruling comes just five days after a federal appeals court overturned a Texas’ court’s injunction that had kept Elliott on the field. The new restraining order is in place until the presiding judge, Katherine Polk Failla returns from vacation. With a temporary restraining order allowing Elliott to continue playing, a presiding judge currently on vacation, a legal system that is always tied up, and many  motions by lawyers, it’s not inconceivable that Elliott could end up playing this whole season under the temporary order. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan I am pissed. It seems like another, in many instances that I can recall, of the Cowboys and Jerry Jones being granted favorable and preferential treatment.


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