Sorry Joe, you’re still a convicted felon. On Thursday, Federal judge Susan Bolton rejected the former and disgraced sheriff’s attempt to have his criminal record swept clean. If you recall, Arpaio was the Arizona sheriff who was convicted of violating a federal judge’s order to stop racially profiling Mexican and Hispanic citizens in his Arizona jurisdiction. Arpaio was given an order to stop racial profiling, and a warning when he violated the judge’s order…..twice. Yet and still, the “law and order” sheriff continued profiling Mexican and Hispanic citizens. He was then arrested for violating the judge’s order, and given a fair trial for his crimes. Arpaio was subsequently convicted of the crime. Before the “law and order” sheriff who had blatantly broken the law, could be sentenced for his crime, the “law and order” president of the United States pardoned the convicted felon who blatantly broke the law, simply because he didn’t agree with it.



The Washington Post(@wapo) reports that in her ruling, U.S District Judge Susan R. Bolton said the pardon only freed Arpaio from possible punishment. In a four page order offering a check on the president’s executive power, Bolton wrote that a pardon could not erase the facts of the case.



“The power to pardon is an executive prerogative of mercy, not judicial record-keeping. To vacate all rulings in this case would run afoul of this important distinction. The court found defendant guilty of criminal contempt.” Judge Bolton wrote in the decision. 


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