How do you spell distraction to Trump’s hardcore base? H-I-L-A-R-Y and O-B-A-M-A. In it’s latest attempt to distract attention from an increasingly failing administration, House Republicans are launching two new investigations. Both centered around Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. As if investigating Trump-Russia ties weren’t time consuming enough, House Republicans lead by Devin Nunes want to open two new investigations.


USA Today (@usatoday) is reporting that Republican leaders of three House committees announced today that they are launching two separate investigations involving former Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton. One investigation will probe into why the Obama administration allowed a Russian company to acquire U.S uranium mines. The other will look into why the FBI decided not to pursue charges against Clinton for use of a personal email server.



Two topics that have been thoroughly investigated many times over the last four years with no results confirming. BUT, these are two theories that the Trump base wholeheartedly believe in. Especially the Hilary-Uranium one. Just the mention of Hilary Clinton and Uranium seems to rile the Trump base up substantially. The investigation, or talk of an investigation will be a welcome shifting of topics to the Trump base, who have been left with trying to defend the indefensible issue of Donald Trump disrespecting Myeshia Johnson, widow of U.S. patriot and deceased war hero, Sgt. La David Johnson.


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