Ice Agents working for your “law and order” president are on the job getting the bad guys out of the Country and making the Country safe. The bad guy multiple ICE Agents are protecting us from today…….a 10 year-old girl suffering from cerebral palsy who had just finished having an operation.



The New York Times (@nytimes) reports that 10-year old Rosamaria Hernandez has been detained by federal immigration authorities in Texas after she passed through a Border Patrol checkpoint on her way to a hospital to undergo emergency gall bladder surgery. Hernandez was being transferred from a medical center in Laredo to a hospital in Corpus Christi around 2am on Tuesday when Border Patrol agents stopped the AMBULANCE she was riding in, her family said. The agents allowed the sick girl to continue to Driscoll Hospital, but followed the ambulance the rest of the way there. They then waited outside of the girl’s operating room while the girl underwent surgery. The Border Patrol agents waited at the hospital until the ten-year old girl was released. By Wednesday evening the Border Patrol Agents had taken the girl to a facility in San Antonio where migrant children who arrive in the United Sates alone are usually held, even though the child’s parents live 150 miles away in Laredo. Rosamaria’s doctors have recommended that she be released to a relative because of her illness, said Alma Ruiz, a San Antonio-based lawyer who is part of a team representing the family. But the immigrant agency has not yet consented to release her.


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