The 49ers may have found their quarterback of the future. The Niners pulled off a trade that will net the team New England backup Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo a.k.a Jimmy G. In return, the 49ers will give the Patriots a 2018 second round pick. The 49ers also released their current backup QB Brian Hoyer. Garoppolo has seen limited time on the field as future hall of famer Tom Brady’s backup in New England, but Garoppolo did shine in his few brief appearances. Garoppolo started two games during the 2016 season during Brady’s four game suspension resulting from the deflate-gate scandal. Garoppolo played in five quarters before being injured and replaced by then Patriots third-stringer, Jacoby Brissett. During that short stretch, Jimmy G completed 24 of 34 passes for 232 yards for 3 touchdowns. Those stats came from one game against Miami. Jimmy G. has real potential. 49ers current starting QB C.J. Beathard will likely be headed for the sidelines and backup duty with the addition of Jimmy G. to the squad. Beathard has been ineffective in his starts with the 49ers. The team is 0-8, and don’t have a visible favorable matchup on the horizon. With a few good receivers on the team, including Pierre Garcon, Jimmy G. just may turn out to be the hero that San Francisco is desperately searching for. We will see.


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