Frank Rizzo’s name sparks controversy in the city of Philadelphia whenever it is mentioned. If you happen to have been poor and black in the city of Philadelphia when Frank Rizzo was police commissioner you know why. But for others, Frank Rizzo’s name was always sang with heavy praises. A Philadelphia folk hero of sorts. Either way, the name Frank Rizzo is a source of controversy within the city of Philadelphia. So it came as no surprise to me that when the City of Philadelphia announced that the statue of Frank Rizzo will be moved, people absolutely lost their damn minds.




Action News 6abc Philly (@6abc) reported, the Rizzo statue currently stands on the Thomas Paine Plaza in front of the Municipal Services Building. The city said the decision to move the statue came after 4,000 submissions came in following their call to the public for help in deciding the statue’s fate. Officials say it will take at least six months to prepare a proposal for the Art Commission, but add that more time may be needed depending on the site evaluation process.




“This decision comes at a time when we have begun the preliminary stages of planning to re-envision Paine Plaza as a new type of inviting and engaging public space.” Managing Director for the city Michael DiBeranardinis, said in a statement. “We are working to plan and create a public space more in line with neighboring Dilworth Plaza and the soon-to-be unveiled Love Park.”


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