Middle brother of the Ball family basketball dynasty, Liangelo Ball was arrested for shoplifting n China along with two of his fellow UCLA teammates. The UCLA men’s team is in China for a game on November 10th as part of a week’s-long oversees trip. The Ball family are millionaires. Contrary to what most media people will lead you to believe, Lavar Ball’s sons are not kids who are known for getting into trouble. Like I said before, the boys are already millionaires, as all three already have signed sneaker contracts with their dad’s BBB brand, and that’s before two of them have even stepped foot onto an NBA court. Ball did not shoplift because he was stealing something that he couldn’t afford to buy. He did not shoplift because he was simply a bad kid by nature. The only other option I can see is peer pressure, which would be the dumbest option of them all. I guarantee you, Liangelo Ball has more to lose than anybody else he was arrested with. This was just a bone-headed decision for a young man to make. A decision I hope will not follow the youngster as he continues on his journey to the NBA. There will likely be more to this story in the days to come. I’ll be on it when it is revealed.


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