Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary Of Commerce lied. Surprise, surprise. Not really though, we all know birds of a feather flock together. 79-year old, Wilbur Ross had been on Forbes top 100 wealthiest Americans list for the past 13 years straight. It was apparently all a lie in an attempt to raise his status. Wilbur Ross had been claiming a net-worth of nearly $3 billion. It turns out, he doesn’t even have one. Forbes estimated that Ross’ net-worth is somewhere South of $700 million. That’s still a lot of money, but in the world of the elite, there is a big difference between billionaires and millionaires. Billionaire status was the image that Ross wanted to portray.




Forbes Magazine (@forbes) reported, they got a call from Ross back in October. He wanted to discuss his worth. Ross claimed that the $2.9 billion that Forbes had him listed at was way lower than his actual worth. Ross claimed that he was worth closer to $4 billion. At the suggestion of Ross, Forbes decided to go back and take a look at Ross’ financial-disclosure forms. They discovered that Ross was right. They did have his net-worth wrong. The disclosure forms showed that Ross had less than $700 million in assets. Forbes subsequently removed Ross’ name from their list.




Ross protested, citing family trust for his family that he said he did not have to disclose in the federal filings. “You’re apparently not counting those, which are more than $2 billion,” Ross argued. When asked for documentation, Ross refused to provide it, citing “privacy issues.” Told that nonetheless, Forbes planned to remove him from the list for the first time in 13 years, Ross responded. “As long as you explain that the reason is that assets were put into trust, I’m fine with that.” When asked when he made the transfer that allowed him to not disclose over $2 billion, Ross replied “Between the election and the nomination.”




That reply got Forbes to begin digging to find the missing $2 billion. Maybe Ross was right. Maybe he did have $2 billion that he was allowed not to report laying around somewhere. After one month of digging and turning over every stone, Forbes found the answer to the question of Ross’ missing money. It never existed! He lied! Ross had been lying to Forbes and exaggerating his wealth since 2004. Ross’ lies helped him to do more than make the Forbes richest list though. Wilbur Ross’ lies helped him in business. Being thought of as a billionaire got him through doors that most people can’t walk through. That’s not just my opinion, ten of Ross’ former partners and employees said the same thing. Ross has always exaggerated his wealth, misleading colleagues, and investors, resulting in tens of millions of dollars refunded back to backers when they found out he was a liar. Ross also has several lawsuits directly related to him misleading investors and partners. Wilbur Ross was personally selected to the Secretary Of Commerce position by Donald Trump. Not because Ross had any experience, but because Trump saw something in Ross that he liked. Something that reminded him of himself. That something? WILBUR ROSS IS A LIAR!


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