Lebron James took to Twitter this morning (Tuesday November 14th) to claim his spot on the throne, or at least claim to be The King Of New York. This comes after Lebron and the Cavs pulled off a passion fueled comeback 104-101 win over the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden last night. Also, there were a few riffs and scuffles in the passion fueled comeback game. Lebron and Enes Katner got into a heated debate as they stood toe to toe. Lebron had a huge night, coming up just one assist shy of a triple double (23 points, 12 assists, 9 rebounds.) The comeback win was impressive, Lebron’s stat line was impressive too. BUT YOU BEAT THE KNICKS. You didn’t beat the Warriors, Spurs, Wizards, Celtics, or any other major contender. We’re talking about the Knicks! The Knicks are not horrible. With Porzingis leading the way and getting better with every game played, and Carmelo Anthony now in Okc, the Knicks actually have a bright looking future. But, the future is not now! Lebron James and his Cavs teammates went into Madison Square Garden last night and escaped with a victory that should not have been this tough to pull off. The Cavs came out of the Monday night battle with a three point victory. I don’t see that as something to brag about. I understand things got a little heated last night, and everybody is probably still in their feelings this morning, but taking to Instagram to claim that you’re the King Of New York after last night’s game seems a little bit of a reach, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, Lebron has had some great games at The Garden in his career, including a 50 point effort in 2008 and a 52 point effort in 09′. To my memory, the Knicks have barely been competitive since the good ole’ days of the 90’s with Pat Ewing, John Starks, and the crew. Beating the Knicks and putting up numbers against them hardly seems like something brag-worthy. But, it is what it is I guess, and if the New York Knicks feel some type of way about LBJ coming into their house, putting up big numbers, beating them, and then having to see him talk sh*t on Instagram the next morning, maybe they should’ve done a better job of trying to win the game!




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