So……Papa John’s has finally realized that the minority dollar holds lots of power. Like most big companies, Papa Johns underestimated the value of the minority dollar. Papa Johns was clearly under the impression that minority customers did not make up a huge portion of the company’s profits when they came out a few weeks ago and claimed NFL players protesting police brutality was hurting their sales. Papa Johns obviously felt emboldened enough to make this statement, because they thought that minorities did not make up a huge portion of their sales. What other logical explanation is there for Papa John’s speaking out so forcefully against a non-violent protest of police brutality? Papa John’s decided to go the Trump route and claim that the protest were so disrespectful to everything they stood for. Maybe Papa Johns really believes that, or maybe Papa Johns were trying to play to what they thought were their core base of customers. Either way, Papa Johns must be starting to get a little low in the pockets after their comments, so what do you think Papa Johns did? Took to Twitter in an attempt to walk back their protest comments and hopefully clarify where they stand.


It might be a little too late to try to walk back those statements Papa Johns. Many people were already speaking about how bad your pizza was, and now, after your comments, those that actually liked your pizza seem to not be buying it anymore. That’s what happens when you underestimate the power of the minority dollar. These companies only seem to realize that the fake narrative that “minorities don’t spend lots of money” is false once their businesses start to hurt after offending minorities. Papa Johns is about to learn this lesson the hard way. Those people that were cheering you on for your ridiculous comments about NFL players protesting hurting your business, were not your customers. They said they were, but you can see that they weren’t. Just take a look at your bank account.


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