Even after prosecutors and a probation officer made claims that Meek Mill’s violation of probation should not carry a prison sentence, Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced the rapper to 2-4 years upstate for probation violations. Meek’s lawyer Joe Tacopina made claims that the judge’s actions were biased. Tacopina said that Judge Brinkley once requested that Meek remake the Boyz 2 Men song “on Bended Knee” and give her a shout out on the track. To which, Meek replied with a nervous laugh, thinking it was a joke. According to Tacopina, the judge then replied “Ok, suit yourself.” There have also been allegations that Brinkley asked Meek to leave Roc Nation and sign with a friend of hers. Page Six and other publications have since reported that Judge Brinkley is currently under federal investigation. It’s not clear if she’s supposedly under investigation for her actions toward Meek, or if the judge is under investigation for other misconduct allegations. Two things that are clear is 1) the judge sentenced Meek Mill to 2-4 years upstate for violating probation and 2) the judge did so against the recommendation of prosecutors. A judge ignoring the recommendation of the prosecutor is not unusual. The prosecution’s recommendation is just that…..a recommendation. The judge can take the recommendation into consideration during their sentencing decision…..or not, just as a judge can take defense attorney’s recommendation into account during sentencing…..or not. As far as I can see, there are only two things that really need to be looked at. Number one, and the thing that no one speaks about, is how log was the probation plea Meek accepted after pleading guilty to the gun and drug charges? If the probation was something like 10 years, then yes, you can be sent to prison for any violation of probation during that ten year term. Even dropping one dirty urine can send you to jail. That is at the probation officers’ discretion. If Meek’s original probation sentence was something like 2 years, and the judge keeps pushing his time back every time he violates, that is something worth arguing about, although it’s not something that’s unusual. There are people who have been serving a 3 year probation term for over ten years, because they keep violating, and every time they violate the judge starts their 3 year probation term all over from day one. It’s a jacked up law, but it is not illegal. The only issue I see here, is did the judge act inappropriately? Asking a defendant to make a song and shout her out is definitely inappropriate. Telling a defendant that he should drop Roc Nation Management and sign with a friend of hers is inappropriate. All of that other stuff people are talking is a bunch of speculation by people who know absolutely nothing about the criminal justice system or the law. People are just flapping their gums in whichever way popular opinion is flowing at the moment. Unless you know what Meek’s original probation length and terms were, it’s hard to really know if a 2-4 year sentence for a violation of probation was justified, or over the top.


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