By now, we’ve all heard the story of the three UCLA men’s team basketball players caught stealing from a high end store while in China for a basketball tournament. The story became a headliner mostly because one of the accused was Liangelo Ball. A UCLA frehsman, brother of Los Angeles Lakers point guard, Lonzo Ball, and son of the media’s favorite soundbite giver, Lavar Ball. The three accused thieves were detained in China, even as their UCLA teammates were heading back home to the United States. Chinese laws are no joke. As a matter of fact, most Countries other than the United States aren’t. Being a United States citizens has kind of spoiled us and made us naive to the ways of the rest of the world. Something as small as stealing a pair of sunglasses could’ve easily got those young men 30 or 40 years behind bars in China. They probably would’ve had terrible legal representation too. It just so happens, that Donald Trump was in China at a summit and hanging tight with China’s President, Xi Jinping at the time. Whether it was by his own accord or at the advice of his advisors, Donald Trump intervened on behalf of the young men. A thing that any United States president surely would’ve done if he were in the same position, but most of us have become to expect anything other than normal from Trump. Now, I don’t say this to dog Trump out on this issue. I’m one who believes in giving credit where credit is due. I try not to allow personal feelings about someone to cloud my judgement of a particular situation. I commend Trump for intervening on behalf of these young men. They made a stupid decision, and could’ve paid a very heavy price for making one stupid decision. Donald Trump intervening in the situation surely played a huge part in getting the young men home safely. I know that, so did the young men who were helped out by the president’s intervening. That was why, when the three young men took turns apologizing for their actions today in front of the media, each one of them thanked Donald Trump by name. Everybody who watched the press conference saw and heard it….except for Chuck Woolery.




Woolery’s claim that one of the young men did not thank Donald trump is untrue. Woolery’s claim is not even one that can be debated. I watched the press conference, and I watched each one of the young men thank Donald Trump for intervening. I’m old enough to have heard the name Chuck Woolery before Twitter was invented. Woolery was once the host of Love Connection back in the day, along with a bunch of old-school game shows. That was about the length of what I knew about Chuck Woolery. What I didn’t know about Chuck, was that he was a douchebag. Big time douchebag. Seeing this blatantly false tweet was what led me to Woolery’s twitter page, but reading his timeline is what made me come to the conclusion that Chuck Woolery is a douchebag!……And just as I finished typing this, Woolery has issued an apology to Cody Riley. I still stand by my opinion though…..CHUCK WOOLERY IS A DOUCHEBAG!



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