After backlash the company received for verifying the account of Jason Kessler, the man credited with organizing the Charlottesville march that turned into a national hate-speech rally and symbol of racism in the Country, Twitter has decided to crack down on who is eligible for verification. Yesterday, Twitter removed the verified badges of some of the most notable among the “alt-right” crowd, and also banned one user for life. The account with the screen name @bakedalaska has been banned from Twitter for life. Twitter also removed the verification badge from well known alt-righter, Richard Spencer whose claim to fame was becoming this gif.



Twitter also removed the verifiction from Jason Kessler’s account along with fellow pot stirrer Laura Loomer. All who proudly claimed to be “alt-righters.” Spencer claimed to have lost over 79,000 followers since Twitter stripped him of his verification badge. Laura Loomer claimed that Twitters’ actions were the first step toward tyranny. Jason Kessler claimed that every tax-paying citizen should have the right to use social networks. One thing is certain, in the business world there is no better social networking tool to use than Twitter. The social network has made or broken plenty of businesses. A verification badge definitely gives some validation to whatever business you operate, and even to yourself as a brand. These four alt-righters surely aren’t going to be the last to have their verified status stripped from them or maybe even have their accounts banned from Twitter. Without Twitter their pockets will surely suffer. The alt-right claims that Twitter is being biased against them because of their political views and that Twitter is part of the “liberal media.” From what I see, the alt-right have no political view at all, they seem to only operate on hate for anybody or anything not white. In my opinion Twitter made the correct move here, and should continue to eliminate the hate accounts and anybody affiliated with them. Not only as a moral move, but also as a business move. The hate-filled alt-right are a very small percentage of Twitter users, who make the Twitter experience unbearable for the majority of users who don’t use the social network for hateful purposes. The alt-right claims that Twitter is out to get them. I have the perfect solution for those who make the claims. QUIT TWITTER or boycott Twitter, either way, most people will not miss you.




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