Do you think that Buffalo’s head coach, and Former Eagles defensive coordinator, Sean Mcdermott has learned a lesson yet? Mcdermott expressed his displeasure in his team’s starting quarterback last week. Mcdermott never vocally expressed his displeasure in his starting QB, but he made his thoughts clear when he decided to bench Tyrod Taylor in favor of backup QB Nathan Peterman, who never started an NFL game in his career. Mcdermott never said so, but Tyrod Taylor’s conservative nature clearly had something to do with Mcdermott’s decision. Taylor doesn’t throw many interceptions, but he also has never been a super-aggressive QB either. In 9 games this season, Taylor has thrown for 10 touchdowns and only three interceptions. Taylor has racked up 1684 passing yards on the season. That averages out to less than 200 passing yards per game for Taylor. (Right around 188/game) While not great, Taylor’s numbers are far from worse in the league. Even more importantly, Buffalo came into yesterday’s game with a 5-4 record. Right in the mix of the playoff hunt in the AFC with 7 games left to play. Buffalo’s quarterback position was far from broken. No, Tyrod Taylor is not Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Carson Wentz. He’s not going to throw for over 300 yards a game on a regular basis. But, whatever was going on over there in Buffalo was obviously working. At least working enough to lead the team to a 5-4 record before yesterday’s game. Buffalo’s quarterback position was not broken. So why did Mcdermott feel the need to fix something that wasn’t broken?




Backup quarterback Nathan Peterman’s first career start was a disaster from the very beginning. Buffalo’s defense didn’t help things by giving up 429 total yards to the Chargers yesterday, but even that, did not compare to how horrible Peterman was. Peterman threw for five interceptions in the first half. FIVE. Tyrod Taylor threw for three interceptions in nine (9) games. At least three of Peterman’s interceptions were terrible passes that a QB learns not to throw back when he was in high school. Peterman clearly wasn’t ready to step up and be thrown into a pressure situation as the starting quarterback. The Bills still have a lot to play for. These crucial games in the second half of the season mean a lot. I don’t blame Peterman. I blame the coach, or whoever had input in making the horrible deciision to bench Taylor in favor of Peterman. The team didn’t even have a losing record. Why the sudden need to panic and bench your starting QB? If Mcdermott wanted to find out if his backup was better than his starter, he got his answer yesterday. Peterman didn’t even play the second half of yesterday’s blowout loss. The coach had to eat his pride and ask his starter to get in there and finish the game. It was clear, Peterman had seen enough. Taylor did lead the Bills to 24 points in the second half. The Chargers put up 54 points on Buffalo, but you can’t help but wonder if the outcome of the game would’ve been different if Taylor had started the game. Buffalo’s defense was horrible, but a lot of those 5 interceptions that Peterman threw, set the Chargers up with a short field. It’s kind of hard to blame the defense for that. Buffalo missed an opportunity to gain some ground in the playoff hunt yesterday, but the good news is that yesterday’s game was just one game. The Bills are 5-5 and they are still in the playoff hunt in the AFC. Not in as good of a position they would’ve been at 6-4, but a 5-5 record does not knock the Bills out of playoff contention. The big question is, does Mcdermott eat his pride and go back to Taylor next week, or does he go with what’s behind door #2 and put Peterman back out there again?


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