Della Reese, actress, singer, and ordained minister, passed away on Sunday night at her Encino, California home. Ms. Reese was 86 years old. Most people may know Della Reese as Tess, in the long running (9 years) CBS show “Touched By An Angel.” My personal favorite role she played was as Vera in the 1989 movie “Harlem Nights.” Della Reese’s career was much more than Harlem Nights and touched by an Angel though. As a matter of fact, Della Reese was more than an actress.




Della Reese was discovered by famed Gospel Singer Mahalia Jackson, her big break came when she won a contest, which gave her the opportunity to perform for a week at Detroit’s well-known “Flame” show bar. Della ended up performing their for 8 weeks. In 1953 Della Reese signed a recording contract with Jubilee Records. She recorded six (6) albums under the label. Here’s a list of some of Della Reese’s songs

  • Don’t You Know (1959)
  • Whatever Lola Wants (1960)
  • These Foolish Things (1960)
  • That Reminds Me (1962)
  • A House Is Not A Home (1967)


And many more songs that you probably weren’t even aware were Della Reese songs before they were re-made by other artist over time. Della also has a long list of acting credits, which include

Appearances on:

  • “Chico & The Man” (tv show)
  • Mod Squad (tv show)
  • Sanford & Son (tv show)
  • The Love Boat (tv show)
  • The “A” Team (tv show)
  • 227 (tv show)
  • Night Court (tv show)
  • Mcgyver (tv show)

And many many more television shows. Also a host of roles in movies. (Too many to even begin to list) Featured films and made for television films. Ms. Reese also became an ordained Minister sometime in the 1980’s. Ms. Reese has lived a life, and had a long-lasting career that most of us would be happy to have had half of. Della Reese is an example of a woman who has managed to make the absolute most out of the years that she walked this earth and she will be remembered.

R.I.P Ms. Della Reese.


della reese


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