I know it’s Tuesday, and I’m a little late at getting around to this…..but I haven’t forgotten! The Eagles knocked the dust out of the Dallas Cowboys Sunday Night, Prime-Time, in front of a national television audience! The Birds just straight up beat the hell out of the Cowboys! The strange thing is that I’m really not all that surprised. Did you really expect this to play out any other way?




Unless you are one of those Dallas fans who are blinded by reality, it’s as clear as day that the Cowboys aren’t really that good. Even last year when “professional sportscasters” and football “experts” were praising the Cowboys as being the greatest thing ever invented since sliced bread, the Dallas Cowboys were little more than an average football team with a pretty good running game and offensive line. And before you Cowboys fans pull out your long list of excuses, including your favorite, “we were missing an offensive lineman, Zeke, and Sean Lee”, let me give you a few stats from the game. 1) The Eagles had 215 rushing yards. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN! Yes, Sean Lee is a good linebacker, hell, I might even venture as far as to say great, but how much of that 215 total yards would have really been eliminated if one man were inserted into the lineup? Maybe 50? That still would’ve put the Eagles at over 150 rushing yards for the game. That’s a lot of yards! Face it, the Eagles ground game is really good. This is not just something they did to the Cowboys because Sean Lee wasn’t in there. The Eagles have been doing this all year. 2) Ezekiel Elliott not being able to play in that game was BIG, but not for the reason that you may think. I’ll tell you why a little later. Without Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys put up 112 yards on the ground on 27 carries. Ezekiel Elliott is averaging about 97 yards a game on 23 to 25 carries per game. The Cowboys actually missed nothing, as far as performance and average statistics in that game Sunday night. 3) Dak Prescott threw 3 interceptions and lost 1 fumble Sunday night. He was constantly under pressure from the Philadelphia pass rush. But guess what? So has every quarterback who faced the Eagles defense this year. One man would’ve made little difference against a team that can get pressure on the quarterback against any offensive line. Now back to why Zeke missing the game was so important. That reason is because Dak Prescott is not all that the media has made him out to be. Dak Prescott is an average quarterback who plays with a really good running back and a defense that can usually slow the other team down enough to allow the Cowboys to get a lead. Once the Cowboys get a lead, they pound Ezekiel Elliott down the other team’s throat. Once Zeke has beat a defense into submission, they have no other choice but to bring safeties up to the box to help with trying to stop Zeke. Once that happens, this leaves Dez Bryant and other receivers one on one with a corner who is expecting anything but a pass. That’s when Dallas hits the opposing team with a play action pass, which usually turns into a big play for the Cowboys. Those play action yards, make Dak Prescott’s stats look a lot better than what they should really be. None of this happens without Zeke. Zeke is the engine that makes the Cowboys train run, not Dak Prescott or anyone else on the team.




So all of the “if this” and “if that’s” are hypothetical situations. If, if was a fifth, we’d all be drunk! The reality is that the Cowboys got their asses whipped in front of a national television audience. And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe things would’ve been different with Zeke, Sean Lee, and a healthy offensive line for the Cowboys in there Sunday night. Who knows? I do know this, Dallas Cowboys got their asses whipped Sunday night! Deal with it and stop making excuses! Besides, you Cowboys fans have bigger issues to worry about, like the fact that Zeke is suspended for FOUR MORE GAMES. We’ll see ya’ll in the playoffs…….. oops, that’s right, The Cowboys won’t be in the playoffs this year! Guess the playoffs for the Cowboys will be the final game against the Eagles that probably won’t mean anything at all to the Birds!


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