Remember Ma$e? You probably had to be around in the 90’s to really remember, but Mase had a pretty nice career with Bad Boy Records after Biggie’s death. Mase became the headliner over at the label and was hot in the streets for a little minute. Around the early 2000’s, Mase and long-time friend, Camron had a public feud that turned into some sort of beef, over whatever. I really don’t know (really don’t care either). Anyway, Mase dropped a dis track at Cam that has been surfacing all over the internet today. It seems weird that some early 2000’s beef is playing out in 2017, in a time when mumble rap reigns supreme, and dudes that were hot in the 90’s are definitely in their late 30’s or even 40’s…..BUT, with all that said, I have to admit, this is a refreshing change from the 2017 norm in the rap game. It surely won’t be long before you hear a response from Cam. I’m interested in seeing where this might go. You here for a Murder Ma$e vs. Killa’ Cam beef in 2017?




Video courtesy: Ian Versey/youtube



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