Honestly, this is getting a little boring, and very predictable. The president of the United States Tweeting out childish thoughts to his childish following, who eats it up like 7-year old children. Seriously, a child is the only person I can see thinking that the president’s Tweets are the least bit entertaining. The president’s Tweets are more concerning that entertaining to adults. The man that has been put in a position to protect the Country and it’s citizens (even the ones that didn’t vote for him), is attacking the Country and it’s citizens on almost a daily basis…….and his followers cheer. None of his followers can see what’s wrong here? Trump is not the president of the United States. Trump is the president of people who praise Donald Trump. When you fall out of that category, you become the enemy, and are open to frequent attacks via Twitter. It’s petty, and below the office of the presidency. One man has managed to pull this Country down to the point that a president of the Country waking up and attacking the media, is now the new normal. All of the media…..except for the president’s favorite media outlet, of course.






So, according to the president of the United States, every media outlet is a liar who the people of the United States should not believe……..except for Fox. The leader of the Country wants to turn the citizens of the Country away from every news outlet except for FOX News. Who, by the way, only report how great the president of the United States is. Fox doesn’t report the greatness of the president 24 hours a day out of respect for the office of the presidency. We all remember how Fox spent their days reporting about the president when President Obama was in office. According to Fox, everything that ever went wrong in the world was Obama’s fault. Even 9/11 which happened seven (7) years before Obama was even in office. No, Fox doesn’t respect the office of the presidency. Fox reports how great Trump is out of loyalty to Trump, and probably a hate for Obama that Fox and most Republicans are still holding on to……….almost a full year after the man left office. So, according to Trump, we the citizens of the United States, should not watch any news station or read from any news outlet except for Fox, because they are the only ones who report about the president honestly. Honesty to the president must mean kissing his ass 24 hours a day, because that’s exactly what Fox does. Fox is sort of like the president’s personal propaganda network. Only report great things about the president. Even if you have to make things up. It doesn’t matter, the citizens are dumb enough to believe it. Guess who else had their own propaganda network similar to Fox?  Adolph Hitler. And we all remember how well that turned out for the people of a Country.


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