Wow, things must really be bad out there in New York. News just broke that Eli Manning has been benched in favor of……….Geno Smith? Yep, you heard right, Geno Smith will be the Giants starting quarterback when the 2-9 G-Men take on the 5-6 Raiders Sunday afternoon. Geno Smiths’ last start was on October 23rd of 2016 against the Baltimore Ravens. Smith went 4-8 for 95 passing yards before leaving the game with a torn ACL. Giants head coach Ben Mcadoo said the team will evaluate all of their quarterbacks during the teams final meaningless games. Giants are basically tanking the season, and seeing what they have worth keeping before next years’ NFL Draft rolls around. In my honest opinion, Eli Manning’s benching comes at least two or three years late. Eli has always been a wishy washy QB (even though he has won two Super Bowls), but these last few years he has been absolutely horrible. Meanwhile, the Eagles are 10-1. So, who really cares about issues the Giants are having? I feel no sorrow for them. Hey, Odell Becham…..if you’re tired of your QB always throwing the ball into the ground, over your head, getting sacked by a gust of wind flying by him because he has zero mobility, COME ON OVER TO PHILLY! We’ll gladly take you off their hands!


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