Fox News frequent contributor, Geraldo Rivera commented on the Matt Lauer sexual misconduct allegations a short while ago. He laid down a few requirements an accusation of sexual harassment should meet before it’s considered credible.




According to Geraldo, if you don’t report an allegation of sexual harassment within a 5-year period it didn’t happen? It’s not a valid claim anymore? Or if there were no witnesses or video of the incident, then it didn’t take place? Does he realize that most of these recent accounts of sexual harassment by women against men were in situations where there were no witnesses? Does he understand that the attacker most likely purposely attacked when there were no witnesses around to make the situation into a “them vs. me” situation? In those situations, it’s much easier to dispute the claim. Does Geraldo think that an accuser didn’t plan for this exact scenario when he waited until he and the accuser were alone to strike? It’s hard for me to see where Geraldo is coming from with these rules for what makes a valid claim for sexual assault or sexual harassment. What I do know is deflection. The kind of deflection that a person will use to justify some dirt they’ve done. Maybe Geraldo is feeling the pressure of seeing all of these famous people and politicians being outed one by one for some type of sexual harassment, and he feels like there’s a possibility that his name may be mentioned next. Maybe this is Geraldo’s way of getting out in front of the sexual harassment claim(s) that are probably about to surface against him. I don’t know, but Geraldo’s tweet seems to indicate a little nervousness about something on his part. I’m pretty sure this will not be the last time that Geraldo Rivera’s name and sexual harassment or sexual assault will be mentioned in the same sentence. Usually the guilty person is the loudest person in the room. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if that saying holds truth in the case of Mr. Geraldo Rivera, who may have just outed himself when no one was even thinking about him.


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