Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (the man who led the “lock her up chants” at a pep rally for Donald Trump on the campaign trail when speaking about Hilary Clinton), is set to plead guilty in a Federal courtroom this morning to………1 count of willfully and knowingly making false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements and representations to the FBI. Sounds like a lot right? It’s actually not. Compared to all of the things Mike Flynn was being investigated for, lying to the FBI was likely the least significant. Lying to the FBI is most likely the charge that carries the least amount of prison time too. So, after all of this investigation of Flynn, 1 count of lying to the FBI is all that Mueller and his team could come up with? The answer to that is a definitive HELL NO! The reason that Flynn is being charged with 1 count of lying to the FBI and nothing else, is because he flipped. Flynn flipped and agreed to cooperate against a person or persons higher up on the chain than himself. Looking at what Flynn was facing, as compared to what he’s pleading guilty to, my guess is that Mike Flynn’s cooperation goes all the way to the top of the collusion chain and lands directly on Donald Trump’s front door steps. This news kind of explains Trump’s irrational behavior this past week. All week Trump has been more unhinged and unstable than his usual. On Twitter and in person. He knew Mike Flynn flipped. And he knew that Mike Flynn didn’t flip to testify against people who were lower than him in the “collusion gang” Trump, Pence, and Kushner were probably the only three people higher up the chain than Michael Flynn. But, I’m no lawyer. This is strictly guess-work here. Michael Flynn is scheduled to appear before a Federal Judge at 10:30 a.m. this morning to agree to the plead deal. Maybe then we will find out if what I’m saying is true or not. Stay tuned, the Russian Collusion case seems to just be getting started!


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