Mariah Carey’s ex James Packer is learning that Mariah Carey’s time is worth a lot of money. Even though the two were never married, Mariah managed to finesse a multi-million dollar “inconvenience fee” out of her ex-boo.




Entertainment Tonight (@etnow) reports, that a source told the entertainment news outlet that Mariah Carey received a “multimillion-dollar settlement” from ex-fiance’ James Packer in their breakup. The two announced their engagement in January of 2016, by October of the same year it was announced that the couple were splitting ways. Sources pointed to a big fight in Greece a month before the split as the cause of the break-up. What the fight was about is still unknown.




Last November a source told ET that Carey was seeking upwards of $50 million as an “inconvenience fee” from Packer, who is reportedly a billionaire. The actual amount of the inconvenience fee Mariah walked away with is unknown, but sources said that she kept her $10 million engagement ring along with whatever amount she received in inconvenience fees from Packer. How that old saying go? It’s cheaper to keep her. Yeah, that saying is starting to make a lot more sense to me now.


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