Los Angeles is about to become the biggest city with legal recreational marijuana after the City Council’s vote to license sales and cultivation next year.




The Associated Press (@ap) reports, the landmark vote came after a hearing in which council members characterized the rule as a work in progress almost certain to see revisions next year, after California launches its recreational weed industry in January.




City Council President Herb Wesson’s office said the city rules would take effect immediately after the signing of the law by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, which is expected. Wesson predicted that the cities model would become a template for legalization elsewhere.




“The other cities in this nation, they are looking to L.A” Wesson said in a statement. Under the Los Angeles regulations, residential neighborhoods would be largely off-limits to the weed businesses, and buffer zones would be set up around schools, libraries, and parks. Medical marijuana has been legal in the state for almost two decades, recreational marijuana is something that many residents have long been pushing for. The legal marijuana business is an estimated $7 billion a year industry. It looks like California is looking to get its piece of the pie.


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