South Carolina ex-police officer, Michael Slager is facing 19-24 years behind bars in a Federal prison after being found guilty of shooting unarmed, Walter Scott in the back. A passerby videotaped the incident as it occurred.




The New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) reports,  ex-Police Officer Michael Slager awaits his sentence from U.S. District Judge David Norton, who earlier ruled the cop’s shooting of Walter Scott during a traffic stop was second-degree murder. Slager, 36, was also declared guilty of obstruction of justice for his fake version of the April 2015 shooting that he gave to state police investigators.




The cellphone video shows Scott standing roughly 17 feet from Slager before the officer fired eight shots, five hitting Mr. Scott in the back. A state criminal trial for Slager had resulted in a hung jury, before the FEDS decided to step in and pick up the case.




Slager pulled Walter Scott over on the fateful day for a broken brake light. A minor traffic violation that ended in the murder of an unarmed man. Slager was jailed in May after pleading guilty to violating Walter Scott’s civil rights.







U.S. District Judge David Norton has sentenced Michael Slager to 20 years behind bars.


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