With friends like these who needs enemies? Remember that saying? R. Kelly found out first hand how true that saying was recently, when two of his Atlanta homes were robbed. Police say entire rooms in the houses were completely cleaned out during the robberies.




BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) reports, Georgia police announced they have issued arrest warrants for former R. Kelly associate, Alfonso Walker, who allegedly robbed two of Kelly’s homes while the singer was away on tour.



Walker, 50, is facing charges of burglary and theft, and remains on the run. Walker used to do “odds and ends” jobs for Kelly, Captain Christopher Byers of the Johns Creek Police Department told BuzzFeed News.




Kelly’s housekeeper contacted authorities on November 26th when she arrived to discover “everything was gone” according to a police report. Captain Byers said several valuables were taken from the home, including furniture, clothing, and television sets. When investigators visited another of Kelly’s homes in the city, they found it had also been burglarized.




Walker was connected to the crime after a detective went to the second of Kelly’s burglarized homes to do some follow-up work, Byers said. As he came upon the driveway, he noticed three individuals who were moving things out of the home and into a truck allegedly registered in Walker’s name. The men told police that they were hired by “Doc”, a nickname for Walker. The men said they were hired to move Kelly’s belongings because the singer was getting rid of his possessions for a move from Atlanta to Chicago. The men said that since Walker had done moves for Kelly in the past, they had no reason to believe that this move wasn’t on the ‘up and up.’ Captain Byers told BuzzFeed News that Walker sold Kelly’s possessions “a room at a time.” One of the men admitted to buying one of the rooms for $6000. The individuals who purchased items from the theft are listed as victims and not suspects. There is no estimate of the total value of the items stolen yet, as Kelly has not been back to his homes yet to see what items are missing.


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