The Walking dead used to be a really good show… me. I used to look forward to watching The Walking Dead every Sunday. Now, it feels like I’m just watching out of routine. Watching The Walking Dead is starting to feel less like something I do every Sunday night because I like to, and more like something I do every Sunday night because I have to. Probably out of fear that I will miss something and have the surprise stolen from me by people Tweeting about it before I get the chance to see it happen. I don’t know if I’m alone in feeling this way, but I’ve honestly lost interest in the show, and it makes me sad, because, like I said before, The Walking Dead used to be a really good show.




I wasn’t one of those people who knew there was a Walking Dead comic book. I only found out much later that The Walking Dead wasn’t just a tv series. I also wasn’t one of those people that were watching the series from the very beginning. I was searching through Netflix one day for something to watch when I ran across The Walking Dead. The series was already three or four, hell maybe even five seasons in, before I discovered it. Once I found the show, I binge watched the shit out of the seasons that were on Netflix. After I finished, I was just like all of the other fans of the show…..excited for Sunday night and a new episode. The thing that made the show so great to me, was that it was always moving forward. As it moved forward, new people were added to the group, and the group always encountered new foes, whether it be dangerous “Walkers” or dangerous humans. As much as I like Negan, I have to admit, his presence has brought the show to a complete halt. How many seasons have this battle against Negan and The Saviors been a thing? The show has taken a long time, to move nowhere. Here we are, I don’t know how many episodes or seasons into the battle with Negan, and they’re still basically where they started at. A few people have died, and there has been some fighting, but the storyline is still the same, Rick’s group vs. Negan and The Saviors. This gets played out after awhile doesn’t it? I know it’s played out to me. I’m at the point where I don’t even really care anymore. Remember back when you used to hope like hell that your favorite characters don’t get killed this week? Yeah, me too. I don’t feel that anymore. I don’t care who lives. I don’t care who dies. I just don’t care anymore. BUT, I CAN’T STOP WATCHING! I’m scared I might miss something and then have to hear about it on Twitter.




The reason I was thinking about The Walking Dead this morning is because there’s a mid-season finale tonight. I think it will be 90 minutes long, I’m not really sure. What I’m pretty sure of is that about 30 minutes of the 90 will be commercials, leaving around 60 minutes of actual show time. About 55 minutes of the actual show time, will be “filler.” Irrelevant stories just to pass the time. We will get about five minutes or so of actual interesting story. And what’s considered interesting story these days anyway? The only thing I’m interested in is Negan and his group being killed. I seriously doubt that happens tonight. Most likely a member of Rick’s group will die, or they will leave us with a corny ass cliffhanger to talk about until the season resumes in a few months. I’m fed up with the whole thing. Instead of dragging this storyline out, I think they will be better off just ending the show. At the rate the show is going, I will end up hating the show, and I’m almost certain that I’m not alone. Most of the characters are just annoying now. Maggy is annoying AF! Rick is annoying. Carol is annoying. Carl is annoying. Morgan is annoying. Pretty much, everybody is annoying now. I’m starting to dread watching the show…..because I know somebody is going to be annoying, but I STILL CAN’T STOP WATCHING! And that makes me even angrier and more annoyed than I already was!


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