I would’ve gladly traded winning the division, for a healthy Carson Wentz. We can’t always have what we want though. After the franchise QB had to leave the game in the 4th quarter of yesterday’s 43-35 win over the LA Rams, Eagles fans all over the world held their collective breath as they waited to hear what the MRI would reveal this morning. Our worst fears came true. Wentz “The Young Magician” has a torn ACL and is going to be out for the rest of the season, and the playoffs. The worst part is that his injury may have come on a play that didn’t even count. Coaches speculated if Wentz’s injury came before that diving attempt at the end zone, but no one knows exactly when the season-ending injury may have occurred. One thing is for sure, when Carson Wentz threw his last touchdown of the game, he did so while he was already injured. The kid has the heart of a champion. But, this is the part of the game that really sucks…. life in the NFL, must go on. The Eagles will be moving on with veteran QB, and former Eagle, Nick Foles at the controls.




I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of Nick Foles, but even I have to admit, he got the job done when he was called upon yesterday. Foles threw a ball that had to be pretty much perfect, to Nelson Aghalor. That pass and catch pretty much sealed the game for the Eagles. Foles wasn’t horrible as he played against a very good Rams defense in the fourth quarter of yesterday’s game, but……he’s not Carson Wentz. And that’s the problem. Whether you like the Eagles or not, you have to admit, the Eagles were a legitimate Super Bowl contender with Carson Wentz at the controls this season. Now, that may all be done. Don’t get me wrong, Nick Foles isn’t terrible, but he doesn’t have that natural ability to make something happen when a play breaks down… Carson Wentz. Nick Foles is more like an Eli Manning type of back. If the play is there, Foles is going to make that play exactly as it was drawn up. That’s Nick Foles’ upside. His downside, is what happens when the play is not there? The Nick Foles that I remember, is taking a sack in that situation. He’s not an escape artist like Wentz, and he doesn’t really excel in the ability to make something out of nothing, like Wentz. Nick Foles won’t turn the ball over. That’s a good thing. But the way this Eagles team is built, a “playmaker” fits the QB position better than a “game manager” does. I’m not ready to 100% abandon the “Super Bowl” dream this season yet, but with Foles at the controls, the Super Bowl is looking more and more like a dream, and less and less like a reality. We had a good run though! R.I.P to the 2017 season for the Birds. And get well soon Carson! Hope to see you back next season better than ever!


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