Even though yesterday’s press conference by many women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment or sexual assault, didn’t seem to draw much press attention yesterday, the president of the United States obviously saw it. And he reacted exactly how you knew he would. Took to Twitter to fire off a bunch of angry Tweets about this and that. In the midst of his tweet storm, Trump threw a few shots at Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.



capture+_2017-12-12-12-16-21320411794..pngIf this were 20 years ago, a person would not have even batted an eye at this Tweet. But then again, 20 years ago, the office of the presidency of the United States was above such petty public insults. But, if a president that was petty and frequently hurled public insults at anyone who opposed or challenged him was in office at the time, this tweet would not have been a big deal. I’m not saying that the tweet would not have been equally as disturbing and disrespectful 20 years ago, I’m just saying, 1997 was a different time. Hell, even just ten years ago, a tweet like this may have not been a big deal. But in 2017, as we’ve watched person after person be accused of, and sometime taken down and put out of business by sexual harassment allegations, we all know that anyone in the public light needs to be very careful about how they move these days. Well, everybody except for the person who is in charge of the safety of this Country. How is it possible that the president of the United States thought that it was ok for him to tweet this from the twitter account for the President Of The United States? You’re telling me that the man who makes decisions for this Country that can directly effect if we live or die, doesn’t have the common sense and self control to know that this isn’t something that the president of the United States should be tweeting? If the president of almost any major company that was in the public light would’ve tweeted this, he probably would be fired….or at the least, suspended. There will be no consequences for the president for this disgusting tweet. Why? Simply because the people who have the power to hand down a consequence for these disgusting actions are cowards……or complicit, or maybe both. How have we sank so low? How is it that a private citizen is held more accountable for his actions than the Commander In Chief? People rarely look to the president of a company for any moral fortitude, but the Office Of The Presidency has always been different. Or at least I used to think it was. When you were small and a person tried to get you to reach for the stars, what did they tell you? “If you work hard and live the right way, you can be anything you want to be! Even the President Of The United States!” How is it that we’ve allowed such a distinguished position to sink to such low levels? The president of the United States basically defended not being a sexual harasser by…….sexually harassing a person. You couldn’t make this sh*t up even if you tried! Make no mistake about it, “and would do anything for them” was clearly some sort of sexual innuendo. I say this, because it wouldn’t be the first time that Trump fired off some sexual innuendo at a woman.




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