Three more women have come forward with sexual allegations against music mogul Russell Simmons. This time two of them have accused Simmons of raping them.




The Hollywood reporter (@THR) reports, former Executive at Def Jam, Drew Dixon alleges that Simmons would speak graphically about how Dixon aroused him. She also claimed that Simmons asked her to sit on his lap, and Dixon says Simmons exposed himself to her and raped her in his Manhattan apartment in 1995.




Music Journalist Tonie Sallie says she met Simmons in 1987 while on assignment. Simmons says they went on a number of dates before she broke things off with him. Months later, Simmons invited her to his apartment under the pretense that there was a party going on. Sallie says there was no party. Once there, she found herself alone in the apartment with Simmons. Sallie says Simmons then escorted her to his bedroom where he pushed her down on the bed, jumped on top of her, and “physically attacked” her.




Singer Tina Baker who was managed by Simmons sometime in the early 90’s, alleged that Simmons raped her. Baker says she ran into Simmons at a club where he invited her back to his apartment to talk about his career. Once there, Simmons began pouring her drinks and trying to kiss her. Baker says “he was on top of me, pushing me down and saying ‘don’t fight me’. ” Baker says she did nothing. “I closed my eyes and waited for it to end.”


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