The official statement coming out of The White House is that Omorosa Manigault Newman has resigned from her White House post and had planned to do so for awhile. I could accept that statement, if it wasn’t for the timing of Mrs. Newman’s resignation. Omorosa’s “resignation” comes on the heels of last night’s special election in Alabama. A special election that many say African American women helped to win for the Democratic nominee Doug Jones. I don’t know what Omorosa’s official title in the administration was, but I’m sure that it was assumed that one of her duties would be to help the president grab the African-American woman vote. 97% of that group went against Roy Moore last night. Donald Trump’s support of Roy Moore had a substantial effect on that number. Black women voted against what Trump supported. Omorosa clearly didn’t have the persuasion over the black female vote that Trump thought she would. The exact same way that Ben Carson has zero influence on the way black males vote.  For that reason, regardless of the official statement released, it is my belief that Omorosa Manigault Newman was fired by Trump…..again.




USA Today (@USATODAY) reports, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Newman resigned Tuesday “to pursue other opportunities”, and her departure is effective January 20th, exactly one year into the Trump presidency.




Whatever “other” opportunities she supposedly left the White House to pursue, are likely not in politics. Omarosa’s, along with anyone else that leaves the Trump administration, political careers are probably done….forever. Not because they left the White House. More because they decided to get in bed with Trump in the first place. His name is toxic in the political world. Anyone insane enough to get involved with this administration, were certainly aware ahead of time that the move was political suicide. Most people currently in the administration, would’ve never been considered for such a job under “normal” circumstances anyway. So what the hell did they have to lose? Besides their dignity, which clearly has a price. Omorosa was no more than a pawn in the Trump game. It wasn’t the first time she has been used and discarded by Trump when she was of no more use. She had a run on season one of Trump’s television show “The Apprentice” where her unwavering loyalty to Trump was rewarded in the exact same way.  Being fired.








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