I’ll admit, I never got around to checking out a Combat Jack podcast show (yet), but just like probably everyone else who knows anything about hip-hop, I’ve heard of him before. That’s called having an impact on an industry.




It was reported by many media outlets this morning that Reggie Osse’ A.K.A “Combat Jack”, passed away after a battle with colon cancer. Combat Jack announced his diagnosis via Twitter back in October of this year.




Reggie Osse’ graduated from Cornell University. Afterward, he went on to obtain a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Osse’ put the law degree to work almost immediately. Osse’ went on to represent industry heads like Jay-Z, Damon Dash, Nice & Smooth, and Capone -N- Noreaga. Osse’ was really in the middle of the hip hop scene, and around some of the biggest acts in the industry. There wasn’t a lot of  speaking on what he did not know about going on here. After 12 years of practicing law in the music industry, Osse’ retired and wrote “BLING.” A story of hip-hop’s fascination with expensive jewelry. Osse’ also served as Vice President of audio/music dvd at MTV.




Osse’ blogged for byroncrawford.com, ihiphop.com, and xxlmag.com, before going on to blog for his own site, dailymath.com. Osse’ began hosting his show, The Combat Jack radio show in August 2010. The show was dedicated to hip-hop discussions and interviews. In 2013, The Combat Jack Show became the flagship of a network of podcast founded by Osse’ known as the Loud Speakers Network, which also includes podcast shows The Read – hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle, and The Brilliant Idiots – hosted by Charlamagne Tha’ God and Andrew Schulz.




As you can see, Combat Jack was more than just a podcast show host. He was a visionary who obviously had a plan. A plan that he masterfully implemented. I doubt that his plan was anywhere near completed before he lost his battle with cancer. Seeing a person work a plan in this way should be motivation to all of us. With the right focus, moves, and maybe a lucky break here and there, we all can achieve our dreams. Even in death, Reggie Osse’ A.K.A Combat Jack, continues to teach the world something.


R.I.P Combat Jack


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