It was funny until it wasn’t funny anymore. It was a joke, until it wasn’t a joke anymore. I don’t think the NCAA and “on air” sports “experts” are laughing too hard anymore. Especially the NCAA, whose talent pool may be a little short, and pockets may be a little light, if Lavar Ball manages to pull this off.  The BBB Brand Ambassador shared the following statement with SLAM Magazine (SLAMonline)




“We have officially launched our own pro basketball league called the ‘Junior Basketball Association,’ sponsored by The Big Baller Brand. The JBA is the very first junior pro basketball league of its kind. The JBA will cater to the top ranked high school basketball prospects in America. All nationally ranked high school seniors, whose main goal are to reach the NBA, will be offered an opportunity to join the JBA, turning prostraight out of high school and bypassing the usual college pit stop. The participating players will be paid up to $10,000 per month as they prepare to enter the NBA draft the following year.”




The statement went on to say a few things about how the NCAA has been making money off of student athletes and not paying them for years, and that the JBA is a way for these kids to make some money, the ones who go to college for one year and only went to college because it was the path they needed to take to get to the NBA, and of course that BBB would be sponsoring the league. Naysayers will surely scream at the top of their lungs about how stupid this idea is. What those people don’t understand, and probably never will, is poverty. Poverty is what practically guarantees success for the JBA if Lavar Ball follows through with the idea. We all know that education is the path to a brighter future…….later. This JBA could be a path to a brighter future for some…! A kid fresh out of high school is thinking about now more than later. I can make $10,000 a month to play ball? And possibly head to the NBA afterward without the hassle of having to go to classes, and play for a college and not get paid? To a kid who is fortunate enough to come from a family who can provide for them, college still seems like the logical choice. But have you ever been so poor that you don’t know where your next meal is coming from? So poor that brand new sneakers are a luxury, because any money the family brings in goes to more important things like food and shelter? Have you ever had to sit there and watch your mother work three jobs, 18 hours a day, and still not be able to make ends meet? Can you imagine what that will do to a boy who can do nothing to help his mother? No? Of course you can’t, that’s why you think the JBA won’t work. For some people, later is not a viable option. And it just so happens that some of those young people happen to be some of the best basketball players in the world. That’s right. In case you didn’t know, the most talented people at anything sports or entertainment related are right in the hood. You’ve probably just never heard of them before because most don’t make it out, due to certain circumstances. (death or prison) The JBA may help a lot of those kids to make it out, or at least make life a little better….right now! If you don’t believe this could work, it’s because you probably don’t want it to. Facts and common sense states otherwise.


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