Attendance at Baltimore Ravens home games are down from last season, and team president, Dick Cass, believes he knows why. To my surprise, that reason wasn’t because Joe Flacco was still the teams starting QB. No, Dick Cass believes home attendance is down this year because of player protest. It’s almost like Cass is inviting controversy right as the playoff push is on. Just as the controversy about the whole player protest thing seemed to be dying down.




Sports Illustrated (@SI) reports, Cass wrote a letter to season-ticket holders, suite owners, and sponsors on Thursday night urging fans to come out and support the team in their final two home games of the season. The 650-word letter spent 290 words addressing the controversy over Baltimore players kneeling during the national anthem before their game in London back in September.




To me, if I was a player, this would be like a slap in the face. It feels like Cass is following the lead of Houston Texans owner who said something to the effect of “we can’t have the inmates running the prison.” If I were a Raven player, I would be personally offended. And me being offended would show in my play on the field when the team takes the field this week, during a playoff position affecting last two weeks of the season. Maybe I’ll drop a couple of balls I should’ve easily caught, or miss a block that I should’ve made, or even lose my senses for a second and mistakenly tackle one of my own teammates. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I find the whole thing to be very disrespectful to the players who go out there every week and risk personal injury to put billions of dollars in the pockets of team owners and executives. Owners and executives who ask a pledge of loyalty from players, but never seem so willing to return that loyalty. Oh, by the way, while the NFL seems to be blanketing themselves in more and more turmoil, Donald Trump’s good friend Vince Mcmahon is in the process of creating another football league. One that will likely rival the NFL at some point in time, and one I’m more than certain Donald Trump will be supporting, and likely investing in. Maybe the NFL will wake up and see that they’ve been a pawn in a much bigger game from the very beginning of Trump’s “anger” at the player protest. And him changing the narrative of the protest from “bringing light to excessive violence by police against people of color” to “disrespecting the military.” There was a reason for this, and that reason had absolutely nothing to do with the draft dodging president giving a f*uck about the military. They probably won’t see it though, they’re naive enough to think Trump is their friend……….until it’s too late, and they see that he’s actually not.



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