Rumors began floating around that Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians may be leaving the team after this season after Hub Arkush, a writer for Pro Football Weekly released a story of Arians’ pending departure. Arkush reported that Arians had already made the Cardinals organization aware that he was leaving the team after this season due to health issues and team issues. Mainly, the fact that the Cardinals will probably be heading toward a rebuilding stage, complete with a new quarterback. Arkush reported that Arians and the Cardinals organization agreed that an official announcement would be made some time next week. However, ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss jumped in to refute the report hours later. He said no decision has been made by Arians on if he will return or not yet. Weinfuss reported that Arians would sit down with the organization and talk about his future with the team after next weeks final game. According to Weinfuss, no decision has been made by Arians at this time. Arkush’s report does hold some truth to it. Arians has been publicly having health issues. Arians had major kidney surgery just this offseason, and also fought a battle with prostate cancer a few years ago.  Arians is 48-30-1 as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. In his report, Arkush said that Arians departure could have a domino effect on the team. Especially in the case of star wideout Larry Fitzgerald, who Arkush says is unlikely to re-sign with the team if Arians is not there.


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