A class action lawsuit filed in Illinois accuses Apple of violating the Illinois Consumer Fraud  and Deceptive Business Practice Art. This is one of many that the company is currently facing due to an update users claimed made their Iphones operate at a slower pace.




A few weeks ago, right around the time Apple’s newest Iphone was set to release, some Iphone users with older model phones, started to notice that their phone had suddenly seemed to be operating slow, or slower than it had been before an update. Some people wondered if they were just imagining things, while others went on the attack, saying that Apple was purposely slowing down the older model phones. I was of the opinion of the first group of people. I thought Iphone users were just trippin’ like they usually do. I’m an Android user, and will probably always be one, but I often see the conspiracy theories floating around about Apple products that were created by Apple product users. Like most people, I usually brush conspiracies off as people being people. That’s what I assumed this complaint was about. But, for some reason, Apple admitted that they had purposely slowed down the older phones. Apple claims that they only did slow downs on four models. (Iphone 6, 6s, 6e, and 7) Apple claims that those certain models were slowed with an update because of battery issues. Users weren’t buying the excuse. Some claim that Apple purposely slowed the phones down to make people have to go out and buy the newest model. As of the time I’m writing this, there are five separate lawsuits against Apple for the slow down issue. I’m not sure if this is connected in someway, but Apple stock has fallen today after this news was released. Apple stock currently sits at $170.35/share. Down about 2.67%


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