Last week the Pittsburgh Steelers made a roster move that had people wondering what the team was thinking. They released 14-year veteran James Harrison. At 39, Harrison is not the player that he once was, but Harrison is still considered by many as one of the best linebackers in the game today. Pittsburgh’s claim was that Harrison was released to make room for offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert. Some said they believed that the Steelers would re-sign Harrison before the playoffs began, and before another team claimed him off waivers. If that was the plan, it backfired big-time.




Sports Illustrated (@SI) reports, James Harrison is going to sign with the New England Patriots. Harrison visited Gillette Stadium in New England this morning. Harrison went unclaimed on waivers, opening up the way for New England to cut a deal with the veteran linebacker. Pittsburgh is a great team who is having a great season. The Steelers will be hard to beat, especially if Antonio Brown is ready to play come playoff time. The only thing standing between Pittsburgh and a trip to the Super Bowl is their long-time nemesis, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The Patriots defense scares no one at all. They don’t play with a nastiness like great defenses do. They just don’t have that edge to them. Harrison is one player who can single-handedly change all of that. Harrison’s mere presence brings a nastiness with it. A nastiness that can easily become contagious. The last thing AFC teams need right now is for New England to get better. Especially at this time of year. The last thing Pittsburgh needed is a New England team with one of their former players, who now has motivation to want to beat the Steelers. NFL fans buckle in. The NFL playoffs are going to be a wild ride this season!


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