Four Ohio teenagers have been charged with murder in connection to the death of a man who was hit with a sandbag tossed from atop an interstate overpass.




Time Magazine (@Time) reports, 22 year-old Marquise Byrd dies Friday at a hospital after the passenger side of the car he was riding in was hit by a sandbag that smashed through the cars windshield on December 19th. Toledo news outlet, The Blade (@toledo news) reported, that prosecutors had filed charges of murder against the four boys in a Toledo juvenile court on Tuesday. The murder charges charged to the teens is the equivalent of felonious assault in adult court. Meaning, if found guilty of the crime, it’s likely that the teens would be given the opportunity to be released from prison in their early to mid 20’s. If convicted of causing a man’s death, the young teens could possibly be freed from prison when they’re are around the same age the man they are accused of killing was at the time of his death.




The Lucas County Coroner’s Office says Byrd died of blunt force trauma injuries to the head and neck. Police and prosecutors say the sandbag was not the only item the teens had threw from the overpass.


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