Fire officials said that a fire at a Bronx apartment complex that killed 12, was started when a 3-year old boy began playing with the burners on the family’s kitchen stove-top.




CNN (@CNN) reports, the 3-year old boy’s screams alerted the mother that a fire had erupted in their first floor apartment in the Bronx on Thursday night. When the mother fled the apartment with her child, fire officials say she made a fatal mistake by leaving the front door open. The fire quickly spread throughout the complex leaving 12 people dead. New York City Police say at least four of the deceased were kids, while Fire Department Officials put that number at 5.




The Bronx fire was the deadliest fire New York has seen in over 25 years. FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said that the apartment’s stairway acted “like a chimney” as the fire burst from the apartment where it began. Feeding the flames and allowing them to spread throughout the building. Nigro emphasized that in the event of a fire, if you should happen to escape the room where the fire is contained “close the door, close the door, close the door.” I will admit, I for one did not know the consequences of not doing this. I know now.


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