A 16-year old teen from New Jersey has been taken into custody after he allegedly shot and killed three family members and a family friend, 15-minutes before the New Year rang in according to local authorities.




BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeed) reports, the 16-year old, who is not being identified because of his age, alleged used a semi-autimatic rifle to shoot and kill his parents, sister, and a friend of the family’s, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said in a statement. The teen was arrested and charged as an adult for four counts of murder.




The weapon used in the murders was legally owned and registered to a family member. No motive has been revealed, although investigators are looking into domestic violence as a possibility.




The teen’s grandfather and brother managed to get out of the house unharmed, Gramiccioni said in a statement. The family members killed in the incident were identified as Steven Kologi, 44 (father), Linda Kologi, 42 (mother), Brittany Kologi, 18, (sister), and Mary Schultz, 70, (family friend).




It’s a terrible incident.” Monmouth County Prosecutor, Gramiccioni said in a statement.


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