As usual, the NFL held their annual clearance day sale. The sale usually take place the morning after the final game of the season is played. This year was no different. The only thing that really shocks me was that there were so few.




Teams that axed their head coaches included the Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and the Indianapolis Colts. All of these teams had a terrible year. I’m kind of surprised that the Colts didn’t receive a pass, especially considering their starting QB, Andrew Luck was out all season. Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians announced his retirement this morning, and Giants former head coach, Ben Mcadoo didn’t make it to the end of the season before he was fired. So if you really wanted to add Mcadoo and Arians to the list, the count would only go up to six. I personally, thought that there could’ve been a lot more. Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Bucs, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, and even the Dallas Cowboys are worth taken into consideration, if you want to be completely honest. All of theses teams had very high expectations for this season, coming off of last year’s performance. All underachieved. Especially Tampa Bay and Dallas. Based off of last season’s effort, it would’ve been hard to tell any NFL analyst that the Cowboys weren’t going to the Super Bowl this season, or at the very least winning the NFC East, they did neither. And when Tampa added Deshaun Jackson to their roster there were low rumblings of a Super Bowl in Tampa, based on their performance from the prior year with an explosive weapon like Jackson. But I guess NFL owners see something that I don’t. That’s probably why they’re owners and I’m just a person making assumptions from the outside. But still, to me, the number of head coaches axed so far seems a little low. Maybe there will be a few more head coaches getting the ax in the weeks to come.


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