A report of a disturbance call at a suburban Denver residence led to an ambush of multiple police officers. When the smoke cleared, four officers were injured and a sheriff deputy was killed.




USA Today (@usatoday) reports, one sheriff’s deputy was killed and four police officers were wounded when they were ambushed in a suburban Denver neighborhood. The assailant fired off more than 100 rounds in the “ambush style” attack.




The gunman was killed by additional officers who rushed to the scene. Police had been responding to a disturbance call at an apartment complex. Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock described it as an “ambush style” attack on the officers.




“They were shot very, very quickly. They went down within seconds of each other. He knew we were coming, and we obviously let him know we were there.” Spurlock said.




The deputy killed in the ambush was identified as 29-year old, Zackari Parrish. He had been hit multiple times by gunfire.




The gunman was armed with a rifle, but no details other than that have been released. Officials say the incident is still under investigation. The four wounded deputies are hospitalized in stable condition. Two civilians were also injured in the gunfire.




The gunman was identified as 37-year old, Matthew Riehl. Riehl was an armed forces veteran who had once exchanged angry tweets with the sheriff’s office. Police say Riehl was known to authorities, but had no arrest record on file. Riehl attended law school at the University of Wyoming. A school spokesperson said the school had been investigating social media rants Riehl had made against the school for months. Riehl’s Facebook page was full of images associated with the Alt-Right. He also posted a video where he said he was running for Douglas County Sheriff as a Libertarian. The Libertarian Party Of Colorado said they had no association whatsoever with Riehl.


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