The last game of the 2017-2018 NFL season was yesterday. A number of teams went into the week with something to play for. Some were still jockeying for playoff positioning. Some were just hoping for a longshot to try to get themselves a playoff spot. Either way, the wild-card matchups have been set. Some of the usual suspects are back in the playoffs, and there are a lot of new faces in the tournament this year, including the Buffalo Bills. Who saw that coming? Anyway here are the matchups and good luck to your team!




SATURDAY JANUARY 6th 4:30 pm                             SATURDAY JANUARY 6th 8:15 pm

TENNESSEE TITANS                                                         ATLANTA FALCONS

VS.                                                                                          VS.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS                                                        LOS ANGELES RAMS




SUNDAY JANUARY 7th 1:05 pm                                       SUNDAY JANUARY 7th 4:40 pm


BUFFALO BILLS                                                                     CAROLINA PANTHERS

VS.                                                                                                  VS.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS                                                     NEW ORLEANS SAINTS




AFC BYES                                                                                                 NFC BYES

  1. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS                                                 1. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES
  2. PITTSBURGH STEELERS                                                      2. MINNESOTA VIKINGS



  • Top seed plays lowest remaining wild card team
  • Top seed has home-field advantage throughout playoffs

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